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Horisun contributes to a sustainable society by energy and CO2 advices, developing
innovative sustainable strategies & policies and studies and project management on
sustainable building, CO2 management, renewable energy, and photovoltaic solar
energy (in depth).
Horisun is specialized. Through cooperation with consultancies and experts in Europe
and in the Caribbean we offer an effective customized service. Horisun offers you access
to knowledge from sustainable energy and building projects in Netherlands, Germany,
China and Caribbean islands.
Emil ter Horst (Aruba) can help with:
- a quick CO2 footprint scan for a hotel on Aruba;
- or the licence, subsidy and environmental reporting for a wind park on Bonaire
   (if necessary 'no cure no pay');
- up to the CO2 bookkeeping of a whole Caribbean island.
Horisun can help to develop sustainable opportunities in Latin America for European
and Chinese (solar) companies and for Latin American companies in the Antillas and
Emil ter Horst
Telephone Europe: +31 618283888
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