June 2008
The NDRC/World Bank/GEF/China Renewable Energy Development Project (China REDP) is
a cooperative initiative of the Chinese Government (NDRC), the Global Environment
Facility (GEF) and the World Bank. The project aims at reducing CO2 emission, slowing
down the global climate change and improving the standard of living of people in
remote areas who have no access to electricity. The most important components of the
project are the PV Component and the Technology Improvement Component. The REDP
was being prepared from 1997 to 2001 and running from 2002 to 2007. The PV
component aimed at developing the rural market for PV (and small wind energy) in six
north-western provinces.
Horisun assisted both in the preparation of the Technology Improvement component
(1998-99) and in the evaluation of technology improvement projects (2002-2008).
Overall, the REDP has been very successful. The REDP has especially had substantial
impact on the quality of PV components produced in China and the professionalizing of
Chinese PV industry. Also, the REDP has been crucial for the attention of the Chinese
industry and authorities for PV.
Since 2004, we have seen a strong growth of the Chinese PV industry. Since last year,
China has become the main PV industrial country in the world.
The China REDP now (London, 19 June 2008) has won the UK-based Ashden Award for
Sustainable Energy, to promote replication and expansion of renewable
energy projects. For more information click here.